Friday, May 8, 2020

Letter to the Orlando Sentinel- COVID19

   By Chuck Marshall 

     I read the thoughtful editorial on how dangerous the Corona Virus is to the public.  A lot of the explanations as to why we should all be alarmed were understandable and well expressed.  I do have to point out that any statistics could be skewed by the widespread belief that hospitals and Doctors are given more money from the government if  COVID19 is counted as the reason for death and the entire emergency seems to be more a cause for excitement than honest reflection.   In addition any ideas that question this entire shutdown or the statistics are quickly squashed or restricted by social media, you tube, etc... and given no attention by the Mainstream media.  Don't blame the public for being suspicious of your explanations when the real truth is not something you or your profession seem very interested in.  

I'll Advise if Printed !  

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