Friday, May 15, 2020

The Once Proud New York Times

By Chuck Marshall 

"Corona Virus Just Unrelenting!!!!" 

     The above is the actual headline from the New York Times recently (May 6, 2020).   Below is part of the story that was carried in my local paper, the Orlando Sentinel.  Granted, this is the more hysterical part of the article, but I've never seen such bad journalism in my entire life.  This reminds me of mock up of or parody of a bad newspaper like the National Enquirer.  It reminds me of the old "Bloom County" comic strip where the editor of the paper is a opportunistic alarmist to the 10th degree who turns any small event into a catastrophe with screeching headlines.  The "Bloom County Beacon" is supposed to be a parody of a truly bad,  small town newspaper that exploits every event to its own chance to expand circulation with ridiculous stories.  Its reporters  put words in the mouths of everyone they interview.  Today, that is the New York Times !  Wow, it's worse than I thought !  

     Read this;   "For every indication of improvement in controlling the virus, new outbreaks have emerged elsewhere, leaving the nation stuck in a steady, unrelenting march of deaths and infections".  Are you kidding me ?  "unrelenting march of deaths and infections" ?  Oh the horror !  You must read below --  It truly is worse than I thought- not the virus but the state of contemporary journalism.  


      Their point is that reopening the economy is a disastrous decision that will bring "death and despair!"  We've been told most of the country will get this virus, so why bring on an economic depression trying to prevent the inevitable ?  But, never mind that's being logical, calm and clear headed in the days of acrimony and hysterics. 

In my humble opinion.   

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