Wednesday, May 6, 2020

What is China Guilty Of ?

    By Chuck Marshall 

      There was a long article from the Associated Press today elaborating on how the President is after China to blame for the Virus outbreak.  In my humble opinion, the article was focusing on the wrong offense- regardless of who is accusing who of what.   China shut down its entire country to control the spread of the Corona Virus in the manner that any autocratic tyranny would operate with no regard to the logic behind locking up healthy people.  The Communist party decided to shut down society and so it happened.  As a consequence,  Italy,  and then Spain and then most of Europe copied the Chinese government.   In our country the President and various states were immediately convinced that we must do as the Europeans did and shut  down society to protect us from ourselves.  The idea is that government has the answers and individuals are incapable of making decisions to protect themselves and their families.   

     While I agree that large events and groups should have been limited and  that 15 days to "flatten the curve" sounded logical at the beginning,  the government and fear overwhelmed logic and stretched this exercise into months of government overreach.  China is a communist country that does not have free elections and has made things such as going to church illegal.  Not because of a virus but because it threatens their power.   It's only guilty of behaving as the tyrannical government that it is.  

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