Monday, November 30, 2015

Selecting the Presidential Candidates- My personal Take

The field of 2016 presidential candidates includes 16 Republicans and five Democrats. (AP)

By Chuck Marshall

 Since the Presidential primaries are brewing "good and hot" right now, it seems appropriate that I entertain who I think would be the best selection from each party.

     For the Democrats,  I choose Hillary Clinton.  The only other choice is Bernie Sanders whom I believe is totally unqualified and is really not to be taken seriously.  A self-described socialist ?    I'm sure he means well and yes, we all want to see the "fat cats" get what they deserve but trying to make our country prosperous by taxing the wealthiest among us simply doesn't work.  It has been tried many, many times and in many, many different ways.  As Margaret Thatcher put it  "the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money".

     For the Republicans.  I have narrowed my choices down to three candidates.  Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ben Carson.   (Carly Fiorina is my "also ran", but I decided I needed to get it down to three)

Marco Rubio-  He's sharp as a tack.  He's young and energetic.   I have never seen a person answer questions from the press  with such brevity and effectiveness.  I've never seen someone so quick with comebacks during debates.  He knows his stuff and he has thought everything through.  He seems sincere and he seems to want the best for our country.  He speaks Spanish which I think means something as our country has become more diverse.   Marco is from the middle class and understands the American middle class.  He knows the challenges we face every day.  I really like Marco !

Ben Carson-  Ben is very smart but more measured than Marco.  I like that he holds onto his faith at a time when I'm sure "handlers" have advised against bringing it up.  After all, he might  offend someone or challenge the people to consider their own faith or lack there of.    Ben is a self-made  man who rose from the bottom of society to the top.  This impresses me immensely.   Some people say he "doesn't know foreign policy", but I've been impressed by his determination to learn all he can and offer intelligent answers to questions.  In other words, he saw the problem and admitted it and is working on it- he didn't just lie about it like Donald Trump.    He is sincere and has a very good understanding of the constitution which is, in my humble opinion,  the most important thing a candidate should know. (President Obama is unfamiliar).  I really like Ben !

Jeb Bush-  Again, very smart.  Jeb has suffered badly due to his poor debating skills.  I agree he is bland like a bowl of oatmeal, but oatmeal will stick to your ribs and sometimes it's just much better for you.  The thing about Jeb is he knows his stuff., he has thoughtful answers to complex questions.  Above all, he has the experience.  None of the other top candidates  has served in an executive  position (as in governing, not executive of a real estate interest that declared bankruptcy 4 times).  Jeb was a successful governor here in Florida.  He proved himself and understands how it all works, there will be no "learning curve".  (Obama is still in the learning curve !)   He was an EXCELLENT governor !  He's genuinely nice guy ( Donald Trump is genuinely NOT a nice guy.)  I really like Jeb !
Oh, and by the way.... I really don't like Donald Trump.  In case the reader was wondering.

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