Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Donald Trump and His Mysterious Attraction to Republicans

"I Don't Get It"

By Chuck Marshall  

     I get that Donald Trump is an outsider and that he "says what's on his mind"., but I am still very confused why the Republican party still supports him in pretty large numbers, especially here in Florida.   It defies reason.  I try to keep in mind that reason and the Republican party have not had much in common for a while, but this love affair with Donald Trump sends me off the rails.   Fox news fawns over him.  Nobody gets more attention than him from all the networks, and he abuses them !   To use one of his eloquent lines "I don't get it"

Consider this short and brief listing of a few of his shortcomings- and I will keep this brief;

     He is a bully.. a "name calling" politician of the lowest form and speaks mostly in terms of why his opponents are "no good".    "They lack energy, they have strange religions, they have an ugly face, they can't control their personal spending, they can't talk to the Russians".   Not even good criticism. Silly criticism. ....... He's pathological towards anyone who criticizes him or asks a tough question or both........He has declared bankruptcy twice and then has the nerve to criticize Rubio for bad personal finances........He was  born into money and has no idea what middle class Americans go through. How can he help fix America when he has no real understanding of the problems the common man faces?.....Historically he has been "pro-choice" until the last year or so since he decided to run for office as a Republican.........Hillary Clinton  came to his wedding- they are chums......He is very much a part of the power elite that I thought the right wing despised?.........He makes comments like "I'm going to build a wall, you're not going to believe this wall"........Any questions for specifics get a response like "Yeah., we're  looking into that".  

     The Republican party members need to start using their brain and consider how "The Donald" will do against Hillary.  Polls show he would lose to her.  He has zero support among Hispanics.  He is so bad and such a cancer to the Republican party that I wouldn't be surprised to hear he purposely ran in the race to make them look even more inept in the nations eyes, ie, he's a closet Democrat !   Whatever it is, I am sorely disappointed that such a  man is seen as acceptable in the eyes of so many of my countrymen.   Things really are bad this year but we should never be so angry and frustrated as to nominate  an indecent and crass man to the position of candidate for President.  We're better than this.

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